Cupid Candies Seeking

To honor the long-standing history of Cupid Candies, established in 1936, and the passing of our beloved President and former owner, John Stefanos, we are asking all our loyal Cupid Candies customers to share their favorite memories.  It's the reason generations of local residents have grown to love the chocolate they remember from their childhood.

Memories of all our life experiences make up the fabric of our lives, and with John's passing, we wouldn't want to erase any of them. Each story will be reviewed by some of Chicago's best brand ambassadors, with the best story of the week to be featured on our website and social media channels.  The featured stories writer will also receive a 1-lb. box of their favorite Cupid Candies!

Sharing your memories matter. It's your stories that help to keep Chicago's rich confectionery history and the iconic Cupid Candies brand alive, making new “Sweet” memories for generations to come.

Please share your memories on our Facebook Page, or fill out our Contact Form.

Cupid Candies have been serving up premium chocolates using their secret family recipes since 1936, using only the finest ingredients, dairy cream and butter, premium nuts, real chocolate, and all-natural flavors.


Bridget McLaughlin

Date 12/3/2020

Cupid Candies has been the go to ice cream shop in my life since my grandfather brought me there as a young girl. Over the years my parents would bring us in to reach into the freezer for chocolate dipped ice cream bars to carry out. As a teen friends would meet up for gossip and giggle over ice cream. I had a first date there in HS and most recently it was a monthly tradition for my mom and I to enjoy after shopping. The hot fudge in little barrels and ice cold water from the counter fountain spout was always something to look forward to. Once the place was so busy customers opted for carry out but me and mom invited two ladies to join our table. They were retired stewardesses and told us of their flying adventures. Sweet treats and lots of laughter at Cupids. Best place ever! I doubt I'll ever find as wonderful a cupid special sundae again. Thanks for the family tradition and incomparable ice cream. Although I was able to enjoy Cupids with my son I'm sad I won't be able to bring my grandkids to my favorite ice cream shop!


Date 12/18/2020

The whole corner has changed....we would buy candy and go to the Coral Theater across the street, sneak it in instead of buying the overpriced boxed candy at the concessions stand. Thanks for the great memories...time passes.

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