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Cupid Candies has been serving Chicagoland since 1936 using the premium, high-quality ingredients to ensure each bite is a fresh delight!  

Cupid Candies handcrafted confections are a great way to raise money for your team or organization, and with over 98% of households buying candy, Cupid Candies Fundraisers guarantee your organization will make quick sales and great profits!   

You earn a 25% profit on all fundraising sales with delicious gifts perfect for any time of the year.  Everyone's favorites are featured, from "Turks", to Melt-a-ways, our Deluxe Assortment, Creams, Caramels, Caramel Apples, and more.  

Easy to manage with downloadable order forms, online ordering, promotional posts, and more.  All, at no charge!  Plus we offer your organization the option of pickup at any one of our store locations or FREE local deliveries to a single address of your choice within a 25-mile radius from any of our locations, for distribution by you to your customers.

Cupid Candies is ideal for your next Fundraiser, Holiday Giving, or Annual Celebration.

Cupid Candies traditions continue with each new generation, to the delight of chocolate lovers of all ages. 

To get started download your order form and brochure(s) to satisfy your fundraising goals now.  

Questions? Call 773-925-8191